Let’s Talk: The Division

Hi readers! Today I’m going to be talking about the game that everyone has been hyped up about – Tom Clancy’s The Division. If you have been part of the gaming community in any capacity at all over the past year, you would definitely have heard of this one. Being one of the most anticipated games of 2016, The Division is going to kick off its Open Beta exactly a week from now! But before I begin talking about the game itself, I must first say that I am just a casual gamer. And in terms of The Division, I have intentionally avoided all kinds of gameplay videos as much as possible so that when I get into it for myself on the 19th, it will be a totally new experience for me.

So with that said, what I’m going to be talking about today is based on my own knowledge and opinions, which are probably very limited as compared to those that have already experienced the game through the previous Closed Beta or videos online. Therefore, please do not take my words as a pro’s! Because I don’t play much & I don’t know much. But anyways, let’s get into the Zone.

What is The Division?

Simply put, it’s a third-person tactical role-playing game. Yes, it heavily features guns and action, but it is first an RPG, then a shooter. In other words, the game’s main focus is on character progression, skill trees, gear upgrades and maybe even map exploration. It is no doubt however, that the shooting in this game is incredibly well done. But what makes it different from other shooters like Call of Duty is that this game has a dynamic open world. And yes if you want to, you can play online. So you can meet with other players and interact with them in many ways beyond just you know – shooting them. For example, you can work with them to complete missions and achieve different goals together.

How do we the players come into the picture?

This is where the story of the game comes in. In the fictional world of The Division, we find ourselves in fallen New York City, where a nationwide pandemic on Black Friday has thrown the city into utter chaos and destruction. Because of the deadly virus that has spread through banknotes from person to person, society and its services were swiftly crippled. During this state of emergency, an automonous government organization known as the Strategic Homeland Division is activated to fight the threats that the virus and its creators have brought about. We are agents of The Division, roaming the city to take back and restore whatever that is left of it.

Where exactly is this “Dark Zone”?

Behind these walls of a once bustling city, lies a dark side of humanity. Because of the collapse of law and order across the city, evil and cruelty now rules the streets in the form of criminals, rioters and men alike. These murderers will stop at nothing for their own selfish gains, especially so in a place called the Dark Zone. These are probably the most virus-contaminated areas of the city, where even the military has retreated from. And because the military has retreated from these areas, the most valuable kind of loot like weapons, clothes and supplies are found here. Knowing this fact, the scum of the earth gather in this place in large groups, making it very dangerous to traverse. The Dark Zone is also the place where certain agents might fall to the “Dark Side”, as I’d like to call it. These Rogue Agents might turn on their own teammates just to keep all their loot to themselves. The Dark Zone not only brings out the selfish/selfless sides of people, but also the most exciting aspect of the game.

Who would enjoy this game?

People like me; okay just kidding. Haha but seriously, if you love to interact (AND BE NICE) with other players while gaming, The Division is absolutely for you. Because so far, it seems that most of the fun in this game is derived from working together with and against other people! This is not the kind of game you play when you don’t have friends, it’s the kind of game you play with friends! Enabling the Proximity Voice Chat feature within the game also takes the experience to a whole new level. Basically, this allows everyone to communicate with one another like in real life. The closer you are to one another, the clearer & louder you can hear each other speak. What else? If you are a person that enjoys immersing yourself into an open world and exploring every inch of it, you will love it. If you’re a person that loves cool guns and gadgets, and secretly fantasizes about being an elite sleeper agent, you will love it too. Relate to any of those? Then you know what to do. 😆

Why am I so excited for this?

You guys know me. Be it in books, films or video games, I am constantly into fresh & new concepts. The Division happens to be one such case in terms of video games this year. I mean I can’t exactly remember ever playing a game like that before! The tone. The setting. The plot. The gameplay. It’s so different and so cool – every part of it. From the fact that the entire game is based off of a real bio-terrorist attack exercise [Operation Dark Winter] to the fact that the environments are a 1:1 re-creation of Midtown Manhattan, everything I’ve seen and heard so far is just so impressive. And not to mention, the incredible Snowdrop engine enables the game to have a dynamic global day/night and weather system, resulting in a game both so beautiful and atmospheric at the same time.

Man, I can’t wait to dramatically walk down the broken streets of snowy New York with the sun setting behind me. See you in the Dark Zone, Agents.

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