Subscribed: Action Movie Kid

Hi readers! Today, I’m going to try something new. I’m starting a new series – Subscribed, which will be a series of short posts that I will be using to share with all of you some interesting YouTube channels that I am personally subscribed to. Some of these channels make me laugh, some of them keep me up-to-date to things I care about, and a few others inspire me as a video maker. So I thought maybe they could do the same for you too. And besides, we should always share the good stuff with one another, right? 😎

For the first Subscribed post ever, I went to take a look at my subscriptions on YouTube (which would probably become a norm for me soon). And thanks to the default alphabetical order in which my subscriptions are sorted, the first channel to appear is none other than Action Movie Kid.

A quick background about the channel: Action Movie Kid (AMK) stars adorable little James who has been given the titular nickname by his dad – the manager of the channel. James, much like any of our young selves has a vivid imagination. The only difference though, is that James has a father who is a Dreamworks animator.

Combine the wit and creativity of both father and son and you get a collection of popular “parenting” videos, sweet family moments, lots of fun (and destruction) and even a children’s bedtime storybook.

So if you’re ready, let’s watch as the Action Movie Kid brightens up our Friday a little more with his latest adventures.

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