10 Jokes Per Minute #2

A few weeks ago, I shared with all of you 10 jokes that can make you laugh (or angry) in approximately one minute. And since quite a few of you responded “pretty well” to it, here I am with the second edition of 10 Jokes Per Minute! 1) What do you call security guards at […]

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10 Jokes Per Minute

It’s a Friday night and I’m on a long bus ride home. What do I do? Share some jokes I found on the Internet with all of you of course! Random much? Well, wait till you hear these following jokes. 😂 1) Why do spies never use capital letters? Because they like to stay low-key. […]

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Hi everyone, Happy Friday! Now if you know me, you would know that I love jokes, especially those filled with puns. So today, I’ve put together 50 of my favorite puns from the Internet (some of which I came up with). Hope you enjoy them! LOL. 1) I can’t believe I got fired from the […]

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